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Create your own design around your fire pit using non-combustible materials. Outdoor fire pits can be installed on top of wood decks or patios, 24″ clearance to side walls. Allow 7 feet clearance from top of fire pit to any ceiling.


FP2785N Natural 65,000 BTU - - 20" x 27" 9" Included


FP2785LP Propane 65,000 BTU - - 20" x 27" 9" Included


FP2085N Natural 65,000 BTU - - 20" Diameter 4 1/2" Optional


FP2085LP Propane 65,000 BTU - - 20" Diameter 4 1/2" Optional


The perfect way to enhance enjoyment of any outdoor space. Satin Coat with a Black Paint Finish and stainless steel pull screen. A great alternative when covering the front face with brick or other non combustible materials. (Satin coat steel is pretreated with a zinc coating for corrosion resistance and paint adhesion.) Stainless steel firebox, front and pull screens. Stainless steel provides a clean, contemporary and weather-resistant finish so that you can enjoy your fireplace for years to come.


OFP42N/NS Natural - 55,000 BTU 38,000 BTU - - -


OFP42LP/LPS Propane - 55,000 BTU 44,000 BTU - - -
Model Fuel Input (Fire Pit) Input Min. Input Max. Size Height Cover