Direct Vent Linear Gas Fireplace

Warm up your favourite room with the beauty of a Linear Fireplace.

Standard Features

  • Hi/Low Millivolt or IPI valve system will operate during power failures
  • Decorative Bronze Glass
  • Safety Screen Barrier

Optional Features

Fan Kit

Heat activated with variable speed control

Wall Mount Thermostat

Standard On/Off or Programmable 5 day (weekday) and 2 day (weekend)

Remote Control

On/Off, Thermostat On/Off, Thermostat On/Off modulating, Thermostat On/Off modulating and fan control

Universal Light Kit

Accent Lighting – Two Lamps

Porcelain Reflective Liner


Enclosure Grill

Front or Side


Stainless Steel or Black


Model Fuel Flue Gas Control Input Max. Input Min. FE (p.4.1-02)% Venting Viewing Area Glass Type Certification Actual Width (CVCK) Actual Height (CVCK) Actual Depth (CVCK) Actual Width (Louvers) Actual Height (Louvers) Actual Depth (Louvers) Power Vent
ZCVRB47LP/LPE Propane - Millivolt / IPI 24,500 BTU 20,500 BTU 55.01% / 57.10% 4/7” Flex or 4 x 6 5/8” Hard Pipe 40 5/8” x 13 7/8” Tempered Heater 46 5/8” 38 5/8” 17 3/4” - - - Yes
ZCVRB47N/NE Natural - Millivolt / IPI 24,500 BTU 16,500 BTU 55.26% / 57.31% 4/7” Flex or 4 x 6 5/8” Hard Pipe 40 5/8” x 13 7/8” Tempered Heater 46 5/8” 38 5/8” 17 3/4” - - - Yes

Vented Chase Option

The chase of the appliance may be vented to achieve Cool Touch Walls or reduced Mantel Clearances. The following options are available to vent the chase:

  • The top of the chase can be left open.
  • A grill can be installed on the front of the chase.
  • If the chase bumps out into the room, side grills can be installed on each side of the chase.

Minimum enclosure height for a vented chase is 70” from bottom of fireplace, ventilation of a 105 in2 of minimum free air opening is required. Choose between our V46EG Enclosure Grill or Custom Grill (if custom grills are used the louvers cannot slope) or adequate ventilation opening as stated in the manual. Grill or opening must be within 2” of chase top/ceiling.

Flame Displays

Decorative Ember Glass

Please view the brochure for all available styling options.